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There are countless isolated coves and bays in this coastline and that makes Marmaris a popular summer place for the yachtsmen and sailors.

Turquoise waters of Aegean Sea offer countless coves, bays and beaches with the fantastic opportunity to moor in different and special destinations every night.

With its surroundings, long coastline, outstanding landscape of pine-covered hills, isolated bays and inlets, wonderful beaches, ancient cities, marinas and every kind of attractions; Marmaris can be considered as the Mediterranean paradise and is also a major centre for yacht tourism and blue voyage in Turkey.

Cruising from buzzing harbor of Marmaris westward takes the yacht around the long rugged peninsula of Loryma complete with intriguing ancient ruins. Ancient sites and small villages vie with rocky hills and patches of forest for special views. Sail into Bozburun with a possible side trip to Datça town.

The Bozburun peninsula is a key stop on the blue cruise sailing route. Situated where the Aegean and Mediterranean seas meet, this area is a haven with little development, so you’ll find untouched ranges of forests and pristine waters to swim in. You also won’t find a lot of construction here, but rather a series of smaller boutiques hotels that blend the natural surroundings into their design.

Between Datça and Bozburun are the beautiful bays of Selimiye, Orhaniye and Bencik, and Hisarönü itself– which gives its name to that beguiling Gulf, an area that is a great favourite for every yacht cruise.


Marmaris: A calm bay ideal for mooring and a great town for restaurants, shops and night life. One of the biggest marinas of the Mediterranean, the Netsel Marina, is located in this town. Marmaris is an excellent starting point for a blue voyage.

Turunc: You’ll sail along the beautiful Amos bay and Turunc, a picturesque beach resort of Marmaris hidden away in a wonderful bay on the southern coast of Marmaris.

Bozburun: Bozburun is a cape located on the far end on the southwest of Marmaris. Bozburun is mostly known by the yachtsmen. Life is so calm and quite in Bozburun. The region is quite barren related to the other regions in Marmaris. Bozburun hosts lots of calm coves around to be discover and moor by boats and yachts. Also the remnants of the ancient city of Larymna is around the region. You’ll have plenty of relaxing, swimming, having snacks in several nice restaurants with an overnight stay in Dirsek buku.

Selimiye: Selimiye is famous for its wonderful bay, beach, cafes and fresh sea food at the restaurants. You’ll find lovely restaurants to try especially fresh fish.

Orhaniye: Orhaniye is famous for its unique Kizkumu beach where holidaymakers apparently walk in the middle of the sea, water sports, Marti Marina, yacht club, the castle remains belonging to the ancient city of Bybassos. There are cafes and restaurants by the beach front.

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