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Modern and traditional resorts on a beautiful coastline. Ancient cities hidden among forests. A wide variety of sporting activities and many attractions. Antalya is the perfect holiday destination offering something for everyone.

Antalya is the name of a Province which extends from Patara in the west to beyond Alanya in the east. It is also the name of the capital city of the Province which sits at the top of the Gulf of Antalya. There is a world class international airport just outside the city. With its famous turquoise blue sea, luminous sky, the ever-changing hues of its mountains and lush green vegetation, the region is a festival of colours.

Antalya was founded in 158-138 BCE by Attalus II, King of Pergamon, who named the city Attaleia after himself. Having been inhabited continuously since then, it was encircled by strong protective walls in Roman times. The Byzantines and Seljuks successively occupied the city before it came under Ottoman rule.

Kaleiçi – Explore Old Town

Start your visit to Antalya in the historical city centre which takes in Hadrian's Gate, Hidirlik Tower, Yivli Minaret, Kesik Minaret, and Kaleici with its narrow streets and historical houses and the ancient port. All are within an area of one square kilometer. You can cover all this on our e-bike & e-sccoter tours, which is a good thing as cars are banned on certain streets.

Kaleici, the pearl of Antalya, which has witnessed the history since ancient times, takes travelers to the past with its houses, narrow streets, with traces of Roman, Seljuk and Ottoman architecture.

Most shops offer gifts and souvenirs aimed at the tourist market. Most of the hotels, restaurants and bars in Kaleici have an inner courtyard. There are also many cafeterias, bars and restaurants overlooking the sea from the city walls.

The nights in Kaleici are colourful. You can get carried away by the music emanating from the side streets, enjoy a drink or dance in bars and restaurants with live music and they are all open until late. You can make friends with people of many different nationalities.


Lara Beach
The sandy Lara Beach lies about 12km to the east of the city centre. On the way to Lara Beach, the Lower Düden Waterfall plunges straight into the sea. Lara is a long beach of gentle waves, darkish sand, and some small pebbles. Most parts of the beach are operated by commercial concerns offering beach chairs, parasols, snacks and drinks, showers and perhaps even some entertainment. Hotels, restaurants and other services host visitors who swim mostly from decks and platforms. The real sand beach starts on the east side of this point and extends for several kilometres. The first major location is Lara Public Beach with beach services run by the municipality of Antalya.

Konyaaltı Beach
Konyaaltı Beach is one of the two main beaches of Antalya. The beach is located on the western side of the city and stretches for 7 km from the cliffs to the Beydağları Mountains. It is bound inwards by the beach park and numerous bars, cafes, nightclubs and hotels.

Mermerli Beach
Mermerli Beach is a small beach which lies directly next to the old town harbor. It was the only beach in Kaleiçi used by the public and the first beach in the city. Mermerli Beach, with its marina on the shore, the city walls and towers behind it, is actually home of historical heritage. In addition to the historical texture it has a fascinating atmosphere with the magnificent view of the travertine rocks, the Gulf of Antalya, the Mediterranean Sea and the Taurus Mountains.


Duden Waterfalls
Duden Waterfall, consists of two beautiful waterfalls, is one of the most beautiful places in Antalya. It is divided into two branches, Upper Duden and Lower Duden.

Upper Duden: Upper Duden is located 8 km away from the city center. It is poured into a very large natural pool from about 22 meters. Also known as a corner from heaven, the waterfall is one of the attraction centers with its cave, roaring waters and different beauties.

Lower Duden: Lower Duden is located 8 km away from the city center, near Lara. The waterfall is poured from the cliffs at 50 m in height in Lara with a great noise and mixes into the waters of the Mediterranean Sea. It is one of the iconic natural beauties of Antalya.

Kursunlu Waterfall
Kursunlu Waterfall is one of the unique places in Antalya, welcomes travelers and visitors in all seasons and also offers visual beauties with 100 bird species and rare plants living in 7 ponds in the area. Walking among the plant tunnels, cactus trees and monumental plane trees will be great experience for you. Let the song of water join this greenest feast to treat your eyes and mind.

Manavgat Waterfall
Manavgat Waterfall, which is situated 3 km to the west of Manavgat district, is one of the best known waterfalls in Antalya. The waterfall is still quite impressive and flows slowly from 3 m in height. Its abundant flow from a large area is worth seeing. You can organize a picnic within nature just next to the waterfall and eat fresh fish at the restaurants nearby. It is an ideal place to reconnect with nature.


Kekova Island
Kekova, which is a small but very delightful island near Demre town of Antalya province in the Mediterranean region of Turkey, also known as the Sunken City, since it is partially flooded.

The island of Kekova is a protected area known not only for its clear turquoise waters but also its ancient sunken city and an idyllic seaside village. In the clear sea water you can see the remains of stairs and walls of the sunken city under the water. It is believed that an earthquake destroyed this ancient city in 2 AD, slipping under the waters, as was the case of the cities of Aperlai and Simena.

Suluada Island
Suluada Island, which is known as the Maldives of Turkey, is one of the most beautiful islands near Antalya. The island is situated at the westernmost point of the Gulf of Antalya, 15 km away from Adrasan, about 7 km from Cape Gelidonya. The belief that the water on this island helps reduce kidney stone is widespread among locals. Getting to Suluada is a bit troublesome, but it is definitely worth to see the beauties you will witness upon your arrival.

Sican Island
Sican Island is a small Mediterranean island 10 km away from Antalya. The west side of the island facing the beach has a shallow depth and its bottom structure is generally sand. The most interesting part is the northeast side and the rocky structure goes down to 22 m. There is also a small cave in the east of Sican Island. It is the focus of attention not only for divers but also for daily boat trips.

Coastal Towns

Alanya: Alanya is the largest coastal town of Antalya not only a tourist paradise by its natural beauties, long holiday season, cultural and historical richness, sport and entertainment opportunities but also and attraction point for transportation and accommodation facilities.

Side: Located in Antalya, Side is like a paradise on earth with its natural beauties and historical artifacts. Being of the most important destinations of Antalya, Side hosts numerous visitors every year with its ultra modern facilities.

Belek: Belek is a Mediterranean fairy tale. With beauty reflected in the pristine turquoise waters, it is mysterious because it hides a treasure of history inside. A heartbeat of magnificent nature leaving its mark in the Mediterranean region. The town, which was a swamp almost 20 years ago, showed a planned development, today is an important model for other tourism centers in Turkey.

Kemer: Kemer, taking its place in Turkish tourism with its nature, long and pebbly beaches, historical beauties, tourism sites and all inclusive hotels, is among the significant seaside towns of Antalya. Kemer, where green and blue are met with a most beautiful style, is an important step in Turkish tourism.

Finike: Finike is located in the south of Teke Peninsula, and the coast here is popular tourist destination. However, Finike is the best known for its oranges, the symbol of the town.

Kas: Kas, located on the far west of Antalya, is just like a land of wonders. Whatever you touch become alive in this place. The coastal town is established on the Antiphellos Ancient City in the shadows of Taurus Mountains, is being admired by visitors with its natural beauties and rustic architecture.

Kalkan: Kalkan, which is one of the prominent places of Antalya's nightlife, also inspires you for long walks with its nostalgic houses and elegant marina. The Gulf of Kalkan is already world famous. Nature here is perfect to revive people. In the surrounding small restaurants, delicious seafood awaits travelers.

Ancient Cities

Perge, which is located to the east of Antalya, was an important city of Pamphylia. Artifacts from various parts of the ancient city are being exhibited on the road to stadium. Do not forget to see the entrance to the city with its two towers, the colonnaded long road with shops on its two sides and which was once covered with mosaics, the vast agora and public baths.

Situated in Serik town of Antalya province, Aspendos impresses visitors with its elegant amphitheatre and other ancient remains. The theatre of Aspendos is one of the most magnificent and well preserved buildings in the world built by the Romans. Near the theatre there is a basilica, an agora and the ruins of Anatolia's longest aqueduct.

Side is among the best known ancient cities in Turkey. Side was a port in ancient times and its name means pomegranate. The amphitheatre built on colonnaded arches is the biggest in the area. Among the other ruins there are the agora, a gymnasium, the Apollo Temple on the seaside, fountains and the necropolis.

Termessos is one of Turkey's best preserved ancient cities and most outstanding archaeological sites. The untouched ancient city was built on a steep hillside covered with pine forest. It is a great place for visitors to see.

Phaselis Ancient City is located within the borders of Kemer town in Antalya province. Established by the people of Rhodes in the 7th century BC, Phaselis is also an ancient port city. It has a rich history and is crucial for its ruins.

The ancient city of Olympos is situated on the sea shore, close to Cirali, on the southern side of Tahtali Mountain. Olympos, which was a member of the Lycian Union, was a maritime trading city. Just like its neighbour Phaselis, it was saved by the Roman Commander Isauricus, after falling in the hands of pirates.

One of the most powerful cities of the Lycian Union, the ancient city of Myra is known for its perfectly preserved Roman era amphitheatre and its tombs carved in the rocks overlooking the amphitheatre.

Located in Demre, Simena is only accessible by sea and has a very impressive view. The castle is still standing today. The city also has underwater rock tombs. Due to the earthquakes, half of the ancient city is in the water, and half is outside the water.

One of the oldest settlements that belong to the Lycian Union, Patara Ancient City is one of the most important symbols in the history of Turkey. At the archaeological site, you can see dozens of unique historical ruins of the ancient city. Patara, which is included on the UNESCO Tentative List in 2009, is one of the outstanding universal values of Turkey.

Xanthos, which was the capital city of Lycians dating back to 3000 BC, is known to be the largest administrative centre of Lycia during antiquity. Xanthos was inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List together with Letoon in 1988. Known as the city of monuments, Xanthos Ancient City is located near the town of Kas.

Antalya Museum

Archaeological Museum in Antalya is one of the best venues of its kind in Turkey. The exhibits shown here come from the archaeological sites from Antalya Province and make a great addition after visiting these places. The most important sites represented in this museum are: Karain cave, ancient city of Perge and the cities of Lykian civilization. It is a must-see for anyone interested in the rich archeological history of Turkey’s Mediterranean coast. The museum contains 13 display halls, a children's section and open galleries. The objects only belonging to the region are generally presented chronologically and according to their subjects.

Antalya Aquarium

As one of the biggest aquarium complexes of the world, Antalya Aquarium offers inspiration, entertainment and education all at once.

After touring the 40 thematic aquariums, you will come across the biggest tunnel aquarium of the world with a length of 131 meters and a width of 3 meters.

Besides, making snow balls from real snow in Snow World, you can step into a journey among the most poisonous, colourful and interesting species of the world in tropical reptile house; Fear Trophy. You can sail the world seas with multi-dimensional movie technology in Oceanride XD Cinema.

The Aquarium is located next to Konyaalti Beach and close to the centre of Antalya.

The Land of Legends Theme Park

The Land of Legends is a theme park located with in the resort of Belek. Everything here is designed to be unforgettable. There are about 40 unique water slides and numerous pools for all ages. Just choose what you want: funny ride or wild rush. Relax on a white sandy beach or ride the waves at Wave Shock which periodically turns into a small ocean. Adrenaline seekers should definitely try the Typhoon Coaster which is a thrilling ride from the height of 43 meters ending with a refreshing splash. There is a special multilevel playground for kids including swimming pool, aqua disco (dancing fountains), pirate ship, frog, octopus and other creative water play structures. The Land of Legends allows you to refine the limits of fun with your children, or to experience excitement and adrenaline-filled moments with your loved ones.

Tunektepe Cable Car

Tünektepe is a hill 618 meters high locating on the west of Antalya. When going to Tünekepe, a unique view of Antalya and pine forests accompany you along the way. There are many social facilities such as 200 person capacity restaurant that rotates around its axis, open field cafeteria, observation terraces and car parking areas on the hill. Tunektepe cable car is serving with 36 cabins and each cabin has 8 person capacity. Tünektepe will take your breath away with a stunning view of Antalya and its social facilities intertwined with nature.

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