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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions


2 WHEELS TOURS & TRAVEL AGENCY: Refers to the A Group Travel Agency, whose ownership status is stated below:

CAN-KAL YAŞAM DEK. GIDA SAN. TURIZM INS. VE DIS TIC. LTD. STI.: Refers to thelegal entity with a licence for operating an A Group Travel Agency, acting in the capacity of the owner of 2 Wheels Tours (hereinafter referred to shortly as “2 Wheels Tours”).

USER/VISITOR: Refers to a natural or legal person who uses these websites for any purpose.

WEBSITES: Refer to the entire of the servicesprovided online on the websites, and (hereinafter referred to shortly as

Subject Matter of the Contract

The subject matter of this contract is to regulate the rights and obligations of the partiesin relation to the use of websites by users / visitors as well as their benefit from the services such as sales, service, financial transactions, information system, information update etc. which are provided by 2 Wheels Tours in the electronic environment.

Content of the Website

The accuracy and up-to-dateness of the information available on the websites are constantly monitored by 2 Wheels Tours.However, the information on the websites may become out of date over time due to the actual changes and, therefore, the current status of the relevant service may vary from the information contained on the websites. 2 Wheels Tours does not give any express or implied warranty or undertaking as to the up-to-dateness, accuracy, conditions, quality, performance, marketability, purpose-oriented suitability and completeness of the information on the websites as well as its effect on other information, services or productsin connection therewith or independent thereof. 2 Wheels Tours reserves the right to make any changes and novelties in the content of its websites at any time. The website www.2wheelstours.comand 2 Wheels Tours acting as the owner of the website may not be held liable for any reservation, sales or information errors that may arise due to such changes.

Intellectual Property Rights

2 Wheels Tours is the owner of the website Information, pictures, trademarks, slogans, articles, photographs, documents, signs etc. contained on this page as well as programs designed for the protection of information on intellectual property rights and graphical layout and presentation of this website are under the possession of 2 Wheels Tours. Unless prior written consent is obtained from 2 Wheels Tours, it is not permitted to copy, modify, publish, send by means of online methods or another method, distribute and sell the information contained on this website or any database in connection with this website, graphic structure and software-codes ofthis website, in whole or in parts. It may be permitted to partially copy and print the information contained herein only for personal and non-commercial purposes.However, reproductions for personal and non-commercial purposes are limited to one copy, and it is obligatory to state on the copy that 2 Wheels Tours is the trademark or copyright owner.

Rights and Liabilities of the Parties

Every visitor who uses the website www.2wheelstours.comguarantees the accuracy of all information provided.The user is responsible for his/her own information and all transactions made and all consequences that may arise as a result of these transactions.2 Wheels Tours may not be held responsible for submitting information to this websiteand making transactions on the website by those who are under 18 years of age or interdicted, without the consent of their parents or guardians.Although www.2wheelstours.comis a site that is constantly updated, the activity / tour information as well as prices and payment terms on thiswebsite are representative.2 Wheels Tours may not be held responsible for deficiencies or errors arising due to typography or late updates.For reservations made, the conditions determined by products and product suppliers are valid.If the user wishes to make a reservation for any of these products, he/she is deemed to have accepted the conditions which are determined for the reserved product by the product provider and are valid at the time of reservation.2 Wheels Tours is not at all responsible for any loss, delay, deletion, error, misunderstanding and duplicate notification that may occur in lines, connections and other technologies enablingusers to carry out transactions on the internet such asTurk Telekom lines, satellite connections, internet service providers etc. or in the use of other communication systems or transportation means, or during communication and transportation carried out through them.2 Wheels Tours is not responsible for any direct and consequential damages and losses that may arise due to the access to these websites, use of websites and information, data, programs contained therein, the breach of the contract, wilful tort, interruption during the transaction, or for any other reasons.2 Wheels Tours hereby declares that it shall not accept any liability for any damages or claims that may arise as a result of theaccess to these websites or linked websites or their use/visit, including court and other judicial costs.For all kinds of notifications to be made by 2 Wheels Tours, contact details provided by users/visitors such as email, phone number, etc. are used. Users / visitors are responsible for providing valid contact details.

The unlimited right to use any kind of information provided to 2 Wheels Tours via Internet (including comments, suggestions, opinions, graphic etc.) shall be transferred to 2 Wheels Tours, without placing 2 Wheels Tours under an obligation to make any payment to the user / visitor or any third party. Users / visitors shall be responsible for consequences arising due to the fact that forms that are filled in on the website www.2wheelstours.comand sent by them over the Internet as well as the posts on the chat and suggestion-complaint pages contain threatening, provocative, disturbing, immoral and illegal content and harm the legal and personal rights of others.Users / visitors do not have the right to sell a product or service, to advertise for commercial purposes and to engage in similar commercial behaviourby using these pages.

Right to Make Changes on Websites

2 Wheels Tours reserves the right to modify, re-organize, suspend these websites, all kinds of services and products available in site extensions and the terms of use of the websites and the information provided on the siteswithout any prior notice.The changes take effect on the websites as of the time of publication.These changes are deemed to have been accepted when the websites are used or accessedby users / visitors. These terms are also valid for other linked web pages.The website and its owner, 2 Wheels Tours, shall not be held responsible forany reservation, sales or information errors that may arise due to these changes. Links provided for the connection to third parties’ websites may be directly or indirectly connected to other sites via the website Wheels Tours does not guarantee or make any commitment to the accuracy of the information on the linked pages.Some of these pages are organized by institutions other than 2 Wheels Tours and under the responsibility of those institutions, and the use of the relevant pages is carried out under the terms and conditions of the relevant institution, rather than 2 Wheels Tours.2 Wheels Tours does not take any responsibility or make any recommendations regarding the use of this page and the linked services. The user shall solely be responsible for any damages that may arise from the use of these sites. Access to the pages linked by 2 Wheels Tours may be subject to its own written consent, and 2 Wheels Tours may, at any time, suspend access to unsuitable links.


2 Wheels Toursshall in no way sell, rent the personal data provided by the user / visitor (name, e-mail address, business and home address, telephone number, etc.) and make them available to third parties, other than companies with legal relationships.

2 Wheels Tours shall use such information for the following purposes:

- Sharing publications / correspondences.
- Sending press bulletins or notifications by e-mail for advertising purposes.
- Sending up-to-date price and product information.
- Keeping users / visitors informed aboutsectoral applications and innovations. Recording personal data as statistical information (browser type, geographic location, age, gender, etc.) in order to improve websites and know more about its consumers in general.

Other sites used via links on the websites of 2 Wheels Tours do not guarantee the compliance with the privacy policy of 2 Wheels Tours

Customer Feedback Channels

2 Wheels Tours gives priority to listening to its guests and other related parties and understanding their needs and expectations, welcomes any feedback received from customers and considers them as a tool on the way to change and development.

Notifications can be made to our office below by phone, fax and e-mail. 


Yesilbahce Mahallesi 1462 Sokak No:7B/2 Muratpasa/ANTALYA

Phone: 0 242 311 07 50 Fax: 0 242 312 32 23 E-Mail:

Notifications are managed in accordance with legal requirements (TÜRSAB Kütahya Schedule, Regulation on Travel Agenciesand the Law on the Protection of Consumers, etc.).

Every reasonable effortis made to conduct an inquiry and resolve all issues regarding the notification.If the complaint cannot be resolved immediately, it is handled in a manner that aims to reach an effective solution as soon as possible.After the inquiry, solution alternatives are created in order tocorrect the problem and prevent its occurrence in the future. All possible alternatives should bepresented until the satisfaction of the complaining party is achieved.

Other Provisions

Any dispute that may arise as a result of access to / use of these websites shall be governed by the Laws of the Republic of Turkey, and the place of jurisdiction for the settlement of such disputes is Antalya Courts. In case of any disputes arising between the parties, the records of 2 Wheels Tours shall be taken as a basis.