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Terms and Conditions

Sailing Tours Terms and Conditions

 Before requesting a service offered electronically on the website customers should ensure that they have read and understood the terms and conditions as laid out hereunder as these terms and conditions will govern any subsequent contract.


2 WHEELS TOURS & TRAVEL AGENCY: Refers to the A Group Travel Agency, whose ownership status is stated below:

CAN-KAL YAŞAM DEK. GIDA SAN. TURIZM INS. VE DIS TIC. LTD. STI.: Refers to thelegal entity with a licence for operating an A Group Travel Agency, acting in the capacity of the owner of 2 Wheels Tours (hereinafter referred to shortly as “2 Wheels Tours”).

USER/VISITOR: Refers to a natural or legal person who uses these websites for any purpose.

WEBSITES: Refer to the entire of the servicesprovided online on the websites, and (hereinafter referred to shortly as


a. website is currently available in English and Turkish.

b. Language Disclaimer - 2wheelstours pay great attention to the quality of the translation of its websites and Terms & Conditions. However, in the event of any discrepancy, the Turkish version shall prevail.

Terms & Conditions

1. All holidays and offers on this website are sold subject to the following conditions.

2. 2 Wheels Tours, a registered member of Turkish Travel Agencies Association (TURSAB license A-12279)  will hereafter be referred to as “2 Wheels Tours”, “us” or “we”.

3. It is our intention to set out the responsibilities which we at 2 Wheels Tours, have to You (the client), and any member of your party and which the client, in turn, have to us when a contract is made between us and the client. You should, therefore, read and understand the contents.

4. Boat, sailing yacht, motor yacht, gulet; the ship is hereafter referred to as 'vessel'. Tour/cruise and holiday are hereafter referred to as a product. Seller/travel agency is hereafter referred to as 'agent'

5. The person whose name is on the booking contract will be considered as the group’s leader and therefore accepts these terms and conditions for and on behalf of all the persons named on, substituted or added to the booking reservation form. All persons named will be deemed to have read, understood and accepted all Booking Conditions.

6.  All trips featured on 2 Wheels Tours websites, brochures and in-office are operated by other agents of local operators/providers. Your contract will be with 2 Wheels Tours  as an agent of other Product Operators. But you have to sign a contract with the local operator/provider when you arrive to the vessel.

7. All prices shown/displayed are current at the time of putting the website online. The information given here is based on the latest information available. The prices may increase/or decrease actively online due to various reasons. This would not affect your rates or terms once your booking has been confirmed.

8. Liability of 2 Wheels Tours: 2 Wheels Tours  accepts no liability if additional costs to the Client are incurred through delay, accident or disruption of the Product(s) beyond the control of local operators/providers. In respect of carriage by air, sea, and rail and the provision of accommodation, 2 Wheels Tours's liability in the said cases will be limited in the manner provided by the relevant international conventions. 2 Wheels Tours can accept no responsibilities in changes and delays to the schedule, due to breakdown in machinery or equipment, strikes, theft, baggage loss/damage, or injury arising out of or in connection with hotel accommodation or any transportation, baggage handling, or any matter related hereto. All such losses or expenses will be borne by the client.

9. No-Show: If a client fails to join a product or joins it after departure, or leaves before product completion, no refund by 2 Wheels Tours will be made.

10. Agent’s responsibility: it is your agent’s responsibility to advise 2 Wheels Tours of any special requirements you may have and to communicate to you any changes or alterations advised to your agent by 2 Wheels Tours.

11. Information and Pricing Policy: Before a booking is confirmed, 2 Wheels Tours reserves the right to amend any brochure, website and in-store prices due to any circumstances outside the control of 2 Wheels Tours such, as but not limited to changes relating to governmental action, increases in transportation costs (including schedule airfares and the cost of fuel) changes in any dues, taxes or fees chargeable for services (including landing taxes or embarkation/disembarkation fees at airports), We reserve the right to change or adjust any of the facilities, transport, services, increases in admission fees itineraries, prices gasoline price increases and similar causes or vessels described here without being liable for any compensation or refund. increases in admission fees and exchange rates. In such a case each passenger (client) could be required to pay an additional amount for the product reflecting such increases.

12. Client Exclusion and Local Law: Clients agree to accept the authority and decisions of 2 Wheels Tours employees and its supplier's employees and representatives whilst on the product. If in the opinion of such persons, the health or conduct of a Client before or after the departure appears likely to endanger the safe, comfortable or happy progress of the product, the Client may be excluded from all or part of the product without prior notice or any liability on the part of 2 Wheels Tours. In the case of Client ill health, 2 Wheels Tours may make such arrangements as it sees fit and will recover the costs thereof from the Client. Passengers (clients) agree to comply with the laws and regulations of Turkey. 2 Wheels Tours shall not be liable to any Clients who commit illegal or unlawful acts whilst on the product.

13. Flight, Ferry and Bus Intermediary: 2 Wheels Tours is an intermediary between the client and any flight/ferry/bus companies, if any changes are made by the company including delays, cancellations or any other unforeseen circumstance, 2 Wheels Tours holds no liability. If the company issues any changes, 2 Wheels Tours  guarantees contact with their clients to inform of the changes, delays and/or cancellations. In case of delays, 2 Wheels Tours will not issue refunds, however in cases of cancellations by the flight, ferry or bus company, refunds will be given as per the relevant companies their terms and conditions. 2 Wheels Tours is always on the client's side, will do everything in their best interest.

14. Adventure Activities: 2 Wheels Tours can arrange for the client to participate in 'Adventure activities' such as Paragliding, Diving or Canoeing, for example, however, as a representative agent for the activity companies, any legalities resulting from accident, damage or loss is in no way the responsibility of 2 Wheels Tours, the Client undertakes such risks at their own volition. However, as an intermediary between the client and the adventure company 2 Wheels Tours will fulfil its Duty of Care by providing products of a reasonable standard and will supply any information necessary. It is the Client's responsibilıty to be aware of the possible risks in their chosen activity. 2 Wheels Tours accepts no liability if there has been no fault on the part of 2 Wheels Tours or its’ suppliers, and the reason for the claimed damages was either the Client’s fault or a result of unusual circumstances beyond the control of 2 Wheels Tours or of any consequences that could not have been avoided even with all due care.

15. Travel Documentation: It is the responsibility of the Clients to be in possession of a valid passport (of which many countries require passports to be valid for 6 months beyond your stay), the correct visa for entry into Turkey, Despite it being an online visa, it is recommended to print it out, we have posted the link here for all information vaccinations, preventative medicines, and other medical certificates and all necessary travel documents. 2 Wheels Tours is not liable for damages arising from changes in regulations or laws to the necessary travel document requirements. Information about these matters is given in good faith by 2 Wheels Tours but without liability. In the case of lost or stolen documents while 2 Wheels Tours is more than happy to assist in any way possible we cannot be held responsible for any additional costs and the Client is not entitled to any reimbursement or compensation of paid travel expenses.

16. Travel and Health Insurances: Clients are fully responsible and strongly advised by 2 Wheels Tours to obtain their Travel and Health insurance (sickness & accidents), covering baggage loss/damage, theft, cancellations. repatriation or otherwise while travelling. In case of these events during the product, we shall not be liable for any cost or expense arising therefrom. All commercial and public purpose vessels used by 2 Wheels Tours are required by Turkish law to have minimum liability insurance.

17. Health and Conduct: Before booking, all Clients are expected to satisfy themselves that they are fit and able to complete the itinerary of their chosen product. Any Clients with pre-existing medical conditions or illness must declare the true nature of such conditions at the time of booking, and make arrangements for the provision of any medication or other treatment that may be required during the product. Such a client is required to provide a medical statement from a General Practitioner to confirm they are fit to travel. Failure to make any such disclosure will constitute a breach of these booking conditions and relieve 2 Wheels Tours from any obligations and liability. Inoculations and Allergies It is the Client's responsibility to have any inoculations that may be required for your intended destinations. It is required that Clients advise 2 Wheels Tours of any allergies or other physical conditions that might affect you during the product. Any other relevant medical and health information should be disclosed to 2 Wheels Tours before booking.

18. Airport transfers: can be included at an extra cost from any airport in Turkey. Full flight details including arrival time and flight number must be provided with a minimum of 2 weeks before arrival. Failure to provide full and correct details may void any refunds for transfers.

19. Free Time: Certain periods during the product may be designated as "free time". These periods are provided primarily to give the Client a chance to rest, relax and/ or explore. The Client is free to use this free time as they wish. 2 Wheels Tours  does not accept responsibility for any loss, accident or injury which occurs during such ‘free time’.

20. Photography: Our company representatives may take photographs and films of our Clients while using any 2 Wheels Tours Product. Any client that feels uncomfortable in these circumstances should let the captain or crew know so that they are not photographed whilst on board. 2 Wheels Tours reserves the right to use said material for any advertising or promotion without obtaining further consent. 2 Wheels Tours also reserves the right to use any comments Clients make, questionnaires or complimentary letters concerning 2Wheels Tours or its Products in promotional literature without obtaining further consent. If the Client does not want any images to be used by 2 Wheels Tours they may advise us by email.

21. Personal Data: All Client data is protected under the "Protection of Personal Data" laws in Turkey. It is considered that when the contract is signed the Client agrees to the use of this data. 2 Wheels Tours reserves the right to use said data for direct marketing purposes, market research, client demographics, statistics and information for 2 Wheels Tours and its business partners. If the Client does not want any data to be used by 2 Wheels Tours they may advise by email and said data will be destroyed.

22. Acceptance of Terms: Receipt of a deposit or final payment indicates that product participants (clients) have read and accepted all the above and affiliated websites terms and conditions and agree to abide by them.

23. Private Yacht Charters

23.1. Confirmation / Deposit Payment For 2 Wheels Tours Private Yacht Charters: 

Bookings can only be confirmed when a minimum of 40% to 60% (depending on vessel class) deposit has been received by 2 Wheels Tours. On rare occasions, some charters may request full payment. The amount of which will be confirmed automatically by our online booking system or with a member of our team if the booking is made via E-mail. It is also the responsibility of the client to check and confirm to 2 Wheels Tours that they have received all bookings, tickets, itineraries and any other relevant information.

23.2. 2 Wheels Tours Private Yacht Charters Balance Payment:

Depending on each vessel, some charters require pre-payment, some require payment on arrival, our crew will notify you during the booking process.

Bookings with Pre-Payment requested: The balance should be paid 8 weeks before arrival unless agreed differently between 2 Wheels Tours and the client over the emails. Our crew will notify you of all payment dates during booking and confirmation will be sent to you by E-mail.

Bookings with Arrival Payment requested: For some charters balance payment will be requested on arrival. For this option, If you wish to pay the Balance by card there would be an extra %2 fee of the payment amount. If you pay the balance by cash on arrival, there is no extra fee. We accept TL, EUR, USD or GBP. Payment will be taken at the current exchange rate on the day of payment, we use for exchange rates.

2 Wheels Tours accepts no responsibility for variations in the final transaction amount due to fees and exchange rates used by banking institutions.

23.3. Cancellations By Clients. Clients can cancel their contract with 2 Wheels Tours at any time. The cancellation will be effective at the time that 2 Wheels Tours receives a written request from the Agent or for direct bookings, from the Client. Clients who wish to cancel their charter product for any reason shall be entitled to reimbursement, the amount of which depends on the timing of the cancellation, see below.
Cancellation Fees for 2 Wheels Tours Private Yacht Charters:

• More than 90 days before the beginning of the product, in the event of cancellation, the total amount will be refunded.

• Between 90 days and 60 days before the beginning of the product in the event of cancellation, 30% of the value of the charter package.

• Between 60 days and 30 days before the beginning of the product in the event of cancellation, 50% of the value of the charter package.

• Less than 29 days notice before the beginning of the product in the event of cancellation, 100% of the value of the package holiday.

• No refund whatsoever is given to a partially used product or service.
23.4. Cancellation By 2 Wheels Tours (Force Majeure): We reserve the right to cancel any confirmed booking in the unusual circumstances of force majeure, defined here as war, the threat of war, riot, civil strife, industrial dispute, terrorist activity (threatened or actual), epidemic disease, natural or nuclear disaster, fire, adverse weather conditions, flight cancellation, or any other external circumstances beyond the control of 2 Wheels Tours. Compensation is not available if 2 Wheels Tours is forced to cancel or in any way change a product due to force majeure

23.5. Captains Authority and Responsibility: All passengers are contractually obliged to comply with the vessel rules for their safety, upon embarking, all 2 Wheels Tours or local operators/providers  vessels there is a meeting explaining safety procedure and vessel rules. For the safety of the clients, the crew and the vessel the Captain has the authority to change the navigation itinerary. Any high-risk activity or water sports that the client wishes to partake in the do this solely at their own risk and must adhere to and comply with local regulations, the opinion of the crew and to have all the necessary permits and the required skills. Our Captains also have the overall authority to terminate any product early due to any circumstances connected to adverse weather, dangerous and highly inappropriate behaviour of the passengers or sudden deterioration of anyone's medical condition. The Vessels Rules are a constituent part of these General Terms and Conditions.

23.6. Complaints For Yacht Charter: In the unlikely event of a complaint, it should be brought first to the attention of the Captain and/or crew during the product. If the complaint is not able to be remedied at this time then the client must bring the complaint to the attention of the 2 Wheels Tours office, so that we can take immediate action. If we are unable to resolve the problem immediately, a complaint must be made in writing by the Client and sent to 2 Wheels Tours within 30 days of completion of the product and the passenger(client) should submit appropriate evidence regarding the complaint. Complaints that are received 31 days or more after the completion of the product will not be acknowledged. Furthermore, we are not obliged to resolve any complaints that had not been submitted earlier on site.

23.7. Exclusions: Extra beverages, food or snacks, Fuel for the watersports (for vessels which have water sports available onboard), international port fees, airport arrival/departure taxes, transfers, land products, and excursions, professional product guides, visas, personal insurance, personal items such as but not limited to, telephone, fax or Internet/E-mail access charges, film, fees for taking photographs or videos in certain locations, fees for changing money, medical expenses, excess baggage fees, customs duties, shopping and tips or gratuities.

23.8. Vessel Capacity: Each vessel has an official capacity of the number of passengers (clients) which is clearly stated on all our sites and brochures. When booking with 2 Wheels Tour you must inform us of the exact amount of passengers (clients) that will be included in the product.

23.9. Vessel Engine Failure or Breakdown: In the case of a breakdown of a vessel, 2 Wheels Tours has got 48 hours to resolve the problem by repairing the vessel or by replacing it by another vessel. No refund of any kind will be made under these circumstances.

23.10. Unforeseen Changes to Chartered Vessel, Routes or Ports: 2 Wheels Tours has the right to change any pre-arranged/pre-booked chartered vessel in the event of unforeseen circumstances taking into account the best interest of our client at all times. In such cases, we will offer a vessel of the same or a higher standard. On public holidays and during the peak times of the season when an alternative may not be available, we will endeavour to offer alternative dates. These changes may also affect departure/arrival ports and routes and if this the case we will cover all transfer costs to new ports. No extra charges will result to the client, however, under these circumstances, no refunds whatsoever will be given.

23.11. Duty Of Care: In Private Yacht Charter, the group leader will be obliged to take due care of the inventory and equipment of the vessel during the product. It is the responsibilıty of the Client to pay for such damage directly to the captain or the owner of the vessel before the end of the product unless agreed otherwise.

24. Modification of these terms and conditions: 2Wheels Tours reserves the right to change these terms as well as the contents of this website for any reason and without notice, and without liability to you, any other user or any third party. This right shall not affect the terms accepted by you upon making a legitimate reservation or purchase using this website. You should check these Terms for any changes each time you access the website. You undertake to ( that you will not use this website for any purpose that is unlawful or prohibited by these Terms. You confirm that you are of sufficient legal age to use this website and to create binding legal obligations for any liability you may incur as a result of the use of this website. You understand that you are financially responsible for all uses of this website by you and those using your  information.

Other Provisions

Any dispute that may arise as a result of access to / use of these websites shall be governed by the Laws of the Republic of Turkey, and the place of jurisdiction for the settlement of such disputes is Antalya Courts. In case of any disputes arising between the parties, the records of 2 Wheels Tours shall be taken as a basis.